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Adobe PDF file Who are you?
Whether you are buying or selling, whether you are borrowing or not, and whether you are a solicitor or a client, the threat of fraud in property transactions is very real. We, as a firm are at risk, as well as you, as a client of the firm. Fraudsters may adopt fictitious ID and enter into proposed transactions only to withdraw prior to exchange. The information obtained through that process can be used to commit title fraud.
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Adobe PDF file That dreaded Brie-xit word
Whenever I hear the word Brexit it fills me with dread and I am sure that I am not alone here. We have all been beaten into submission by this term and its endless use. How life seemed far simpler before the introduction of this term into our collective lexicon! It's a Duracell word, capable of infinite lifespan it seems and a word that marches to its' own consistent and deafening beat.
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Adobe PDF file New Procedure for Debt Claims coming into effect 1 October 2017
A new protocol due to come in to place on 1 October 2017 will impact how a business can pursue debtors for payment in litigation.
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Adobe PDF file Do we need terrorism insurance?
Generally, standard property insurance cover on a block of flats does not automatically include damage caused by terrorism although in most cases, the cost to add terrorism insurance to a policy can be relatively low depending on the location of the block. Terrorism insurance has become an increasingly contentious issue in service charge cases; in short, many leaseholders think it is unnecessary and simply serves to increase their service charges, but is that what the Tribunals think?
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Adobe PDF file Avoiding the worst...
Founders of a company often wish to kick the issue of a Shareholders Agreement into the proverbial ?long grass?. This can sometimes be in error as the grass gets longer. It is far easier to ensure that the relationships of those that have come together to build a successful business are agreed on at the start of the relationship rather than during its currency.
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