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  • Thu 01 Jun 2017

    Consultant Solicitor Graham Jaffe is highly experienced & specialises in all aspects of enfranchisement work including niche areas of the sector such as de-enveloping.... read more

  • Wed 31 May 2017

    Our partners Steven Porter and Niten Chauhan are attending the annual European Meeting of the League of Lawyers, of which Niten is a Board Member and Treasurer, taking place in Copenhagen from 1st June. The League is an international network of lawyers, with a specific focus on developing working relations between Europe and Asia.... read more

  • Fri 19 May 2017

    The referendum vote in 2016 caused shockwaves across the Globe with the Brexit result, ending a 43 year relationship with Europe. But how will the residential property market in the United Kingdom be seen to overseas investors? For example, in Hong Kong, property investment in the United Kingdom has always been an attractive option. How has Brexit impacted this choice, and what further effects can it have?... read more

  • Tue 09 May 2017

    Inheritance tax is payable upon death at the rate of 40% on the value of an individual's net estate above the Nil Rate Band (NRB) of 325,000 pounds. From 9 October 2007 upon the death of a surviving spouse or civil partner, where the NRB of the first to die was not utilised in whole or part, it was possible to transfer the unused part of the NRB to the survivor's estate. This could result in a maximum uplift to 650,000 pounds of the estate of the surviving spouse or civil partner. This is known as the 'transferable nil rate band' (TNRB). For some people this has now been enhanced.... read more

  • Wed 05 Apr 2017

    JPC Law are delighted to announce Yashmin Mistry's invitation as guest speaker at the first NLG - Service Charge Conference on Wednesday 10th May.... read more

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