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Mon 9 Mar 2015
Book your place for 18th March - Yashmin Mistry of JPC Law speaks on the "Appointment of a Manager"
Yashmin Mistry speaks on the "Appointment of a Manager" - book your webinar place on 18th March 2015 1pm-2pm...Read More
Thu 19 Feb 2015
WATCH YOUR STEP! Decision in the Edwards v Kumarasamy case has serious consequences for landlords!
An important decision has emerged from the Court of Appeal which will have an impact on many landlords and the way they manage their properties...Read More
Mon 26 Jan 2015
Success for Recognised Tenants' Associations in the Upper Tribunal!
RTA update: The outcome of Rosslyn Mansions Tenants Association v Winstonworth means success for Recognised Tenants' Associations in the Upper Tribunal...Read More
Wed 21 Jan 2015
Right to Manage Case Update: Some Pitfalls!!
Right to Manage Pitfalls: St Stephens Mansion RTM Co Ltd v Fairhold NW Ltd and Fairhold NW Ltd and OM Property Management Ltd v St James Mansions RTM Co Ltd...Read More
Thu 4 Dec 2014
Stamp Duty Overhaul: How will it affect you?
The Chancellor announced a major reform of SDLT for residential property transactions in his Autumn Statement. The changes are effected from 4th December 2014. Find out how it affects you by reading our newsletter....Read More

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