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  • Buying your home off-plan can be taxing

    After a recent case highlighted unexpected tax liabilities, Partner and Commercial Practice Group Leader Steven Porter looks at the tax risks of buying a property 'off-plan'. ... read more

  • No going back?

    Trials in respect of what is known as "ground G" under s 30(1) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 are extremely rare. ... read more

  • Redundancy myths exposed!

    With Gaucho, the steak restaurant chain being one of the latest businesses to be put into administration with 1,500 jobs at risk, redundancy is a real threat to UK businesses in the current market. ... read more

  • The future's bright, but is it solar?

    There are hard-hitting truths lurking behind the attractions and incentives of photovoltaic panel installation. Yashmin Mistry shines some light on the topic. ... read more

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