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Monday 20th July 2020 Brinda Granthrai 

Government expedites new “Pavement Licence” to help support businesses


To take advantage of the summer season and help our economy bounce back, the Government has looked at ways to “help support businesses and adjust to the new ways of working”.

Brinda Granthrai of JPC’s Real Estate team looks at the proposed Business and Planning Bill 2020, due to come into force soon.

While social distancing is still in place, the food and drinks industry can take advantage of the 2 most significant provisions in the proposed legislation:

1. A new expedited “Pavement Licence” allowing businesses to serve food and drink outside via temporary changes to planning procedures and alcohol licensing

2. If you have an alcohol licence you can sell alcohol for consumption off premises and make deliveries - no additional licence is required.

    How does this help?

    Businesses suffering from restrictions on capacity due to social distancing concerns will be able to provide more capacity by using outside spaces. The application process is designed to be cost effective - application fee capped at £100 and quick.

    Do I need to apply?

    If you own the area where you want to put out tables and chairs then there is no requirement to apply for a licence. If like many businesses, the pavement area outside is owned by the local council, then you must apply for permission to put tables and chairs outside.

    Who can apply?

    Pubs, cafes, wine bars, restaurants and takeaways.

    Application process?

    The local authority must consult on the application for 7 days but if the application is not determined within 14 days of submission, the licence is deemed granted. Planning permission is granted alongside the licence.

    Will there be any conditions?

    The local authority can grant the licence subject to conditions that it considers reasonable. All licences will ensure access to the premises is not prevented and the highway is not totally blocked.

    Can the licence be taken away?

    Yes it can be revoked or enforcement action taken to ensure conditions are complied with or if there is a safety and public order issue.

    How long is the licence?

    These measures are temporary. The Pavement licences can be granted from anywhere between 3 months or until 30 September 2021.


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