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Monday 10th August 2020 Alex Porter 

H M Land Registry will now accept electronic signatures

From 27 July 2020, H M Land Registry will accept documents that transfer property, create leases and secure mortgages signed using an electronic signature.

When signing a deed, whether electronically or not, a witness still needs to be physically present. However, the witness can now also sign electronically.

This new guidance allows those without access to a printer or scanner to sign a legal document more easily and will make it easier to social distance during the signing process.

H M Land Registry will continue to accept deeds signed using the ‘Mercury Signing Approach’ that was introduced on 4 May 2020. This approach allows the signatory to sign in wet ink in the presence of a witness following which the signature page together with the final agreed document is sent to their solicitor as confirmation that the document has been validly executed.

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