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Friday 22nd September 2017 Catherine Burgess 

JPC attends the Service Charge Summit

On Thursday 21st September, Yashmin, Catherine and Bina attended Tanfield Chambers’ annual Service Charge Summit, in connection with News of the Block.

The day was divided into a series of presentations beginning with Philip Rainey QC, who opened the Summit with a review of current leasehold legislation which may benefit from reform. Further speakers included Chris Heather QC who gave a useful overview of the most important cases concerning service charges over the past year and Kerry Bretherton QC who focused on regulations governing safety in residential blocks, in particular in light of the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Smaller group seminars also took place on topics both varied and relevant, presented by a number of different barristers at Tanfield. An interesting session presented by Robert Bowker and Niraj Modha discussed the most recent forfeiture cases and their effect, whilst Mark Loveday and Katie Gray provided an interesting discussion on the hot topic of ‘Airbnb’ and the impact of the case of Nemcova v Fairfield Rent which is currently the most authoritative decision on Airbnb lettings.

JPC Law have attended the Summit over past years and will certainly continue to do so finding it both insightful and engaging.

Catherine Burgess - Solicitor


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