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Tuesday 8th May 2018 Catherine Burgess 

JPC Law commended for GDPR guidance in Bloomberg News

Our long standing partner and client, formerly the Tricycle Theatre relaunched last month as the Kiln Theatre, has been commended by Bloomberg for their new privacy policy for which JPC Law solicitor Catherine Burgess was responsible for ensuring is compliant with GDPR.

The global media enterprise dedicated to delivering business and markets news, has made specific reference to the approach Catherine advised the Theatre to take which included a table that lists the purposes for which data are collected and matches them with specific data types used.

Author of the article ‘Tech is Getting EU Privacy Rules all Wrong’ Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering European politics and business, describes the Kiln Theatre’s simple three-column table as what he wants to see from each of the ‘data harvesters who want my personal information’ and notes the importance of true GDPR compliance, with the regulation’s spirit in mind, not just it’s letter.

At JPC Law we are proud to be able to offer our clients GDPR guidance services including drafting and updating website privacy statements, data protection policies and employee privacy notices. Please contact us here for more information on how we can help.


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