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Wednesday 15th July 2020 Alex Porter  Andrew Morgan 

Restart of the voluntary strike off process at Companies House from 10th September 2020

Companies with pending strike off applications

You may be wondering why your company is still listed on the Companies House register despite making an application to strike off your company. You may have even received a letter from Companies House confirming that your company will be struck off within two months provided no objections are received, but your company remains on the register.

This may be because, in March 2020, Companies House temporarily ceased voluntary strike off action in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It has now been announced that this measure will be lifted from 10th September 2020.

After this date, once the two-month publication period in the Gazette of the proposal to strike off the company has ended, and if there are no objections, Companies House will strike off your company.

Register an objection to a strike off application

If you have an interest in a company that has published its intention to be struck off, you should register this objection with Companies House. Even if you previously registered an objection, you may need to register your objection again if the period for doing so will soon expire.

Objections should be sent to Companies House as soon as possible after the notice is published in the Gazette, but not later than two weeks before the notice expiry date. Upon receipt of an objection to a strike off, Companies House will either accept or reject the objection and further evidence may be required.

Applications to strike off from 10th July 2020

An application to strike off your company made from 10th July 2020 onwards will not be affected by the temporary suspension and will proceed in the usual way.

Compulsory strike off

Companies House are continuing to suspend the compulsory strike off process until further notice.

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